What A MIX UP!!!!!!!! Mr. Vegas get a piece a BUN!!!

As I perused my facebook, I stumbled upon Mr. Vegas’s fanpage in which I immediately realized was flooded with his rants and anguish over a cheating girlfriend.


Apparently Mrs. Vegas gave Mr. Vegas one piece a ras bun inna di day yah! According to Mr. Vegas’s Facebook fanpage his baby’s mother (SHELLIAN MCBAYNE) was caught red handed at the house of Mr. Vegas a ride pon it and talk to it with ANOTHER man. Mr. Vegas then went to FACEBOOK, like many of us do and WENT COMPLETELY OFF! He was sure to let Ms. McBayne know that, and I quote, “MI WANT MI BLOODCLAAT PICKNEY, NO WHORE CAN’T RAISE MY DAUGHTER.”


Mr. Vegas went on to warn people that he will do and say what he pleases on his page because no one is feeling his pain. Rightfully so!


Now I have my own prejudices against Jamaican men, but some gyal really no have no mannas! If what he is saying is true, she definitely violated by cheating in the man bed with the little girl in close proximity. However, I only know one side of the story and da side ya look very ugly. I hope homegirl saved some of that money for a rainy day, because there are terrential showers in her life right now. Check out the Rants and pic of girl and her side thang below:


Read more: http://www.facebook.com/MrVegasMusic?fref=ts

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  1. Oh Gosh, I feel bad Mr. Vegas. Cheating hurts no matter if its a man or a woman doing the cheating.

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